Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Fall Fleet (Footwear)

My Fall Fleet

As summer begins to wind down, my thoughts quickly turn to my fall fleet. Although a work in progress, my fall footwear collection is shaping up quite nicely due to a few simple guideline that I picked up along the way.

A good fall fleet should be well rounded with a few variations of mocs, bucks, and boots.

Leather and suede are always good choices in the fall

Infuse a little personality to your shoes by dropping a penny in your loafers or switching the laces

My Fall Fleet:

J.Crew Desert Boots
McNairy X Keds Boosters


  1. Nice mix. I have a pair of the 1000 Miles too. Can't wait to bust em out. Stay safe this weekend!

  2. Skip, I feel like I can count on you for ideas I'd actually wear: what are you planning on wearing with your 1000 miles?

  3. Pretty similar for me:
    LL Bean Gumshoes
    J.Crew Suede Bucks
    Clarks Desert Boot
    Red Wing Gentlemen Travelers
    LL Bean Camp Mocs (wearing 'em with ragg socks as long as I can)

    Need to add some long wings - hoping to snag some AE MacNeils

  4. Interesting collection, Skip, though I'd leave the pennies out of the loafers. When I was in boarding school and college, coins were a fail-safe indicator of the striving and public-schooled. Sorry.

  5. I wish the Signature footwear came in wide. I didn't realize until the other day when I logged in to order my crepe sole mocs that it's only normal. I was pissed... However - you have a great selection there bro.

  6. the crepe sole mocs look a lot better with a standard tan leather lace IMO. try it out, just a thought