Friday, August 19, 2011

Lost & Found: 20 Yr Old Boy Scouts Pocket Knife

Boy Scouts Pocket Knife

Today I found my Boy Scouts pocket knife that I haven't seen in over 20 years.

After winning the knife at the age of 8 for selling the most popcorn in my pack, my parents immediately took it away because they didn't think I was mature enough to handle such a tool. I haven't seen it again until today.

From 1939 Boy Scouts Handbook (a gift from The William Brown Project)

Winning the knife


  1. Scouting was the single most influential aspect of my formidable years. It wasn't any particular thing that made is so terribly fantastic; and that is exactly the point. The exposure to so many of the activities that fill our lives is incalculable in its value. I still put "Eagle Scout" on CV's that I am required to submit.

  2. There just isn't a price that can be put on something as amazing of a find as that. I wonder, do girls have equally valuable "treasures" from their childhood?

  3. I have and use that exact same knife. Wer'e "twinners".... wait I should have picked a better word... but seriously I've had that knife since I was 12. Nicely done.

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