Monday, August 22, 2011

On Sale: Gap Selvage Denim

1969 Selvage Straight Fit

I missed the boat on Gap's Selvage Denim last season so I decided to pull the trigger early this time around.

Gap is currently having a in-store 40% off denim sale. Regular price is $89.50 but I got them for $53.70. Since the first store that I went to didn't carry selvage, I tried on Gap's regular straight fit jeans to find my size.  I eventually found a pair but size 32 in the selvage was a lot more roomier than the non-selvage version.  I went back and forth between a 29 and 30 but ultimately chose size 29 because they provided the best fit.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with them. Good fit at a good price. I would highly recommend trying on a few sizes before making your purchase.

Editor's Note:  I'll check back in a few months to show you how they're breakin' in or fast forward a year to see how Paul's (Dreams of Perfection) pair is holding up.

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  1. Good call with choosing the 29 waist. I got 30 in mine because that's the size I normally go with... and now, one year later, they are kinda big on me (even after 2 washes).