Tuesday, August 23, 2011

B-Role: Penfield X Date Night F/W '11

For Penfield's latest lookbook, I had the idea of turning our Date Night concept into a town and country shoot. Christine chose Rockport for the perfect country setting and the town totally embraced us with open arms. Fred took so many great pictures for the shoot that I decided to share some of the extras with you.

Photos by: Fred Castleberry of Unabashedly Prep
Styled by Christine Mitchell (N'East Style) and myself.

Special thanks to:
My wife and family
Christine Mitchell of N'East Style
F.E. Castleberry of Unabashedly Prep
Steve Dool of BPMW
Christophe Brumby of Penfield
Neal & Madeline: Models


  1. Where can one get that blue puffer vest?

  2. The entire collection will be available in Sept.

  3. Amazing job with this one Skip. It might be time to quit the day job. Just sayin'.

  4. Anyone know where the shoes are from in the first two pictures? Looks like a rubber/lug soled blucher of some kind....anyone?

  5. @blueisthecolor08
    They're my LL Bean Bluchers.

  6. Skip you are doing really big things. This lookbook is so well done its ridiculous. You deserve all of the recognition and success that is coming to you!! Cheers!!


  7. Where did her boots come from? I'm in love with them but I can't find any bean boots that tall...

  8. I'm starting to look for boots and clearly, this lookbook has been stuck in my head for months. The looks, the models and the styling is out of this world. But those duck boots on the female model are just something else! I've never seen ones that tall. I don't suppose you know where they are from?