Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Pea Coat

Schott's Navy Pea Coat

As seen in earlier this month in Valet and GQ, the Pea Coat should be a stable in any man's wardrobe and I would totally agree with that statement. I've been eyeing J.Crew's Pea Coat for some time now but my new found love of American Made Products compels me to take a hard look at Schott's Pea Coat. Schott's history and description of the coat reads like a Edmund Morris novel and if the specifications for a great coat is good enough for the US Navy than its good enough for me.

Click here for The Selvedge Yard's tribute to the Navy.


  1. I love them! Mine in navy blue but husband has one from BB in brown. xoxo


  2. Without a doubt the most useful jacket I have. also my oldest. I use it is a dress coat when I travel and a casual jacket on weekends.