Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Harvard Club of Delaware

I finally did it. I finally put the check in the mail to become a member of the Harvard Club of Delaware. As a fairly recent graduate of Harvard Divinity School (my picture is still on the Alumni page), the membership fee was only $10 and since the Harvard Club of Delaware basically paid for my masters degree; I totally feel obligated to join.

When you first apply to Harvard (at any school in the University), they give you an Financial Aid sheet full of potential scholarships that you may be eligible for. Most of the scholarship are obscure such as the Robinson Scholarship in which eligible is based on having the last name Robinson and growing up in the most northeastern(est) part of South Dakota. After searching up and down on this sheet, I finally came across the Harvard Club of Delaware. The criteria for their scholarship was that you had to be born and raised in Delaware. Once I applied, I had to show them a copy of my birth certificate as well as my High School diploma from Tatnall. Three years later, I basically left Harvard with no loans and they even gave me a stipend each year.

I'm not sure what to expect from this side of the Harvard Club of Delaware but I do love the fact that I get to interview local students who wish to attend Harvard. I will definitely keep you updated, especially if we visit other clubs such as the one in New York and Boston.


  1. Ten bucks VS an eduction that will last a lifetime seems like a no brainer. On top of that I'm sure it wont hurt to have connections from the club.
    How come you are not the one wearing the bow tie on the alumni page?

  2. Good point!

    I know. I know. I didn't start wearing a bow tie until Law School.