Friday, November 13, 2009

LL Bean Rubber Moc Tongue Fold

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been on the quest for some time now to keep the tongue folded down on my LL Bean Rubber Mocs (just like the ones in TOPH)... and finally, with a little help from Nicholas, I figured it out using my rubber band method.

Step One:
Wrap a rubber band around the tongue and the toe.

Step Two:
Run the tongue under hot water for a minute or two (Nicholas' suggestion).

Step Three:
Let the mocs dry overnight.

Step Four:
Remove the rubber band in the morning and amaze your preppy friends.


  1. Notice the strategically placed Bean tote. This man is a professional, ladies and gentlemen!

  2. Not only the tote but if you look closely i think thats the Norwegian in the bag. I see a royalty agreemnet from Bean in the works.

  3. LOL! I tried to provide some context for the Mocs.

  4. I just recently discovered your blog and I think it's great. Excellent work, Sir!

  5. Heh-heh-heh, we also noted the tote immediatamente! But we understand your desire to help readers by placing the mocs in perspective.

    Grins & Giggles to you for a fab weekend!

  6. LL Bean royalty check is in the mail! (they need to send me one too)...


  7. Fabulous! Will be attempting immediately...XXOO

  8. dude, i need help! i got my bean mocs and i was so excited to sport the iconic legend. however, the sizing feels perfect when standing but when i start walking...they slip off the back of my heel still, does anyone elses do that or are mine just a tad too big? i know that the next size down will be too small so im pretty bummed out

  9. @Chris
    I think your boots are a tad too big. I would order the next size down, compare, and then return the size that doesn't fit correctly. You can always call LL Bean for assistance. They have great customer services.

  10. Man that makes the shoes look so classy.