Friday, November 27, 2009

AG GuestPost: The Bean Boot Project

Sartorially Inclined

Last week, L.A.S. of Sartorially Inclined embarked on an ambitious quest to pay tribute to the iconic LL Bean Boot. Describing The Bean Boot Project in his own words,
Without getting all academic on you, my goal was to frame an essay around how the boot's unique and shared reality is relatable to a lot of different people. The plan was to reach out to a bunch of my favorite bloggers and have them comment, be it through pictures or the written word, on their own experience with the iconic footwear... The new vision for the project is to highlight not only the Bean boot, but also the individuals that continue to inspire me on a daily basis.
After flipping through a couple of pictures, I humbly submitted a picture of Alex trying on my mocs and L.A.S. responded with one of the most flattering piece of prose I've ever seen. I am truly honored.

I once wrote after one of his post that he gained a reader for life...well, he can now make it two life times. Click here to read the post and check out the other entries on my impulse shelf.


  1. I always though that was a great picture of your little guy. The kind mom can pull out to embarass him with when he gets older. Hope you had a great holiday and you might want to check out the winter hay rides for with you son at Linvilla, you can even cut down your own tree if you want.

  2. Sounds like fun. He really enjoyed the hayride at Coleman's Farm.

  3. This gives me a chance to send wishes your Thanksgiving was wonderful and the long weekend even better.

    BTW, I clicked on the link and when seeing that particular page I get the Debonair box, and am now off to read some of those. You really are one talented guy.


  4. Skip...thanks for all the kinds words you always send my way. It's been a pleasure getting to know you through this little blog-world of ours and I can't wait to see where your fantastic blog goes in the future. CHEERS to you and your son!