Friday, November 6, 2009

Alex's Pick: Land's End Fox Boots

Land's End Snow Flurry Boots

For those of us who are fortunate enough to have children, I decided to start an Alex's Pick section on this blog which will feature great products for children. And since the temperature is beginning to drop, I think it would be appropriate to dedicate the first couple of picks to winter gear.

I received the Land's End Kids catalog the other day and one of the few items that stood out to me was the Snow Flurry Character Boots. Deer, Bunny, and Fox are the choices but I love the whimsical nature and color of the fox boots (now $22).


  1. Excellent idea. We usually just get Brendon his snow boots when we rent his skis for the season, but at $22 I'll be checking out lands end. By trhe way was driving down 95 and noticed they were tearing up the field at Frawley Stadium.

  2. I hope that it's only routine maintenance. They just had a great season.

  3. The fox boots are soo adorable. Lucky Alex!