Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making The Case: Monogrammed Belt Buckle

For the past week now, I've been wearing my LL Bean Signature Belt nonstop and it got me thinking that maybe it's about time to start wearing my own signature on a belt; in the form of a monogram.
While often neglected on many wardrobes and by many blogs, the belt for me can be the ultimate piece that pulls everything together. The wrong belt buckle can tragically send the message that you have no idea what you're doing but the right belt buckle can confidently portray the notion that you constantly swim in the deep end of the style pool.

In the September issues of GQ in 2004, under the heading, "The only thing my father ever game me," Andy Spade answered,
He didn't give me anything, including child support. But he figured it was his job to take me to the one men's store in town, in Scottsdale Arizona, and get me a monogrammed belt. I wear a belt every day.
The reason why the silver belt buckle is marked number one in the accessory section of The Official Preppy Handbook is because it properly and literally holds the outfit together. As the belt stretches across your waist, it can simultaneously stretch across generations and traditions if done correctly. However, don't be afraid to play with these traditions.

 In the same GQ article, Spade explained,

My friend Tom Carver told me that when he was in boarding school, he had these belt buckles engraved with things like Loser and Poser, making fun of all the kids who had their monogrammed belts from their parents - it's just a way of playing with this traditional kind of medium and laughing at it. People have to look closely, and they say, "What are your initials?" before realizing that the belt actually say Loser.
So with these things in mind, I present to you a few choices for putting your own signature on your wardrobe.

Silver Gallery (Made in the USA)

Tiffany & Co.


  1. Excellent point. One of my pet peeves is the black belt with brown shoes!

  2. This has been on my mind as well. Thanks for the lineup. If I can lose just a few more pounds I'll be in need.

  3. I got one from wife as a wedding present. If you decided to get one they have a few different ones available at the Wilmington Country Store, and they don't have bad prices either.

  4. Good to know. I really have to check that place out.

  5. I was actually just in the marker for buying my first monogrammed belt buckle. After some research I found that J. Press has silver covered Brass buckles for only $45, but only in store. It’s not pure sterling silver “from the best silver store in town”, but it should do the trick for now. They also have solid silver or solid gold buckles and the belt inserts as well for reasonable (cheaper then brooks brothers) prices.

  6. @DFPyne
    Great price from a great store!

  7. A silver monogrammed buckle is a GREAT investment. My piece of advice: get a black and a brown strap.

  8. I will echo JRS and suggest checking out While the color selection is expansive, the sizes and widths are nd the prices for gen-u-wine leather can't be beat.

  9. Excellent collection of Monogram Belt Buckle; I love
    Brooks Brothers buckle.