Friday, March 12, 2010

Inspiration Can Come From Anywhere

J.Crew's MacAlister w/ Orange Laces

While cleaning out our magazine bend, I stumbled across an old J.Crew catalog that had some items from Crewcuts in it. My wife is not a fan of J.Crew's little girl clothing but she does like their boys collection. Well, as I was flipping through the pages for some inspiration on how to pull some looks together for Alex, I stumbled across a page full of their MacAlister boots with colored laces. 

Since I already own a pair of MacAlisters and a pair of orange laces, I decided to give it a go.


  1. Orange must be a Delaware thing. Love the laces. I was decked out in orange today.

  2. Here in Champaign Illinois, Orange is in style. I have instituted the orange laces and orange watch band on the old oyster.

  3. @Ryan R. Bradley
    Coolness. Orange has surpassed blue as my favorite color. Thanks for stopping by.