Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ever x Jack Spade

Jack Spade and Ever have joined forces to produce a duffle, tote, and items case. These items are all crafted from deadstock WW2 raindrop print canvas with oiled canvas bottoms and each have an orange rip-stop interior lining.


  1. The duffel is awesome, but can I live without rollers?

  2. Andy Spade addressed the issue of wheels or no wheels in his interview at ACL:

    DC: One last item. We’re having a little internal debate at ACL about bags with wheels. I’m staunchly opposed and have always taken solace in the fact that Jack Spade never sold bags with wheels.

    AS: I’m with you—no wheels. I wish I could because it would make traveling so much easier but I would feel like a stewardess or something. Can’t do it and never made one.

    Do you agree?

  3. Love it. Two quality brands coming together to make something good looking and useful. Thanks.