Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Head to Toe: Interview Edition

Secret Identity

Want to know how to ace an interview? Start with what you have on underneath.

Whether its a big case or an important interview, I love wearing this Spiderman T-shirt under my suit. It gives me the extra confidence that only comes from secretly knowing that you're the coolest guy in the room.  I suggest you find you're inner hero and tackle your next big day with super confidence. 

Just make sure you're not wearing a white button down shirt or your secret identity might be unexpectedly revealed. 

Suit: Brooks Brothers
Shirt: LL Bean
Tie: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Bally
Watch: Timex
Strap: J. Crew
T-shirt: Marvel


  1. I trust you got the job! Good-goin spidy!

  2. Normally I would just cross my fingers that you get the position, but upon seeing such a stellar style statement, I'm crossing fingers & toes & telling Tilly to cross her paws!

    Hope you have a fab Friday,