Monday, November 1, 2010

The Perfect Fall Bow Tie by The Style Cooperative

100% Merino Wool Bow Tie by The Style Cooperative.  Hand sewn by local artisans

100% Merino Wool
-Brown tweed batwing shaped bow tie,
-Adjustable closures for comfort and fit
-Will be shipped pre-tied upon request


  1. This is where I clearly have nary a clue: I have always thought the wool ones look great, but can be irritating, itchy.. no? (You know I love they are Made in the USA.)

  2. @thepreppyprincess
    I will let you know about the itch factor. :)

  3. I LOVE this bow tie. It's the perfect winter goodie and so versatile.

    For the most part, I plan on wearing a collared shirt under it like I did this past weekend- didn't have a problem. I also plan on wearing it as a headband, excited for that one.

    The merino is pretty soft... I'm a fan.