Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Timberland's Rugged Hand Sewn Shoes

Currently on sale at Urban Outfitters are Timberland's Rugged Hand Sewn Shoes and I think they look great. I had a pair of Timberland's boat shoes all through college and they held up pretty well.  I actually wore those shoes almost exclusively as a undergrad and only recently had to retire them from my spring lineup for various reasons. So with that in mind, the description is as follows:
A hand-sewn rugged leather shoe from Timberland's Abington collection - a tribute to the company's start as the Abington Shoe Company in the 1950s. Boat-shoe-inspired lacing at the front and around the collar with tonal canvas detail; cushioned collar; contoured foot bed; no-slip Vibram sole for superior traction.
Reaching back into your archives for inspiration: a good thing. Finding a shoe that comfortably takes you into the future: a great thing.

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