Saturday, July 17, 2010

Save Khaki

When I first put the word out that I would be in New York this week, James Jean immediately responded,  "Contact Dave Mongan at Save Khaki and he will take care of you." And that's exactly what he did and much much more. We met up at the Save Khaki store at 327 Lafayette St and after a quick introduction, I was quickly overwhelmed by the array of products in the shop.

As the brainchild of David Mullen,
Save Khaki was started at a time when everybody was wearing denim. I wanted to wear a great fitting khaki -one that was flattering like a jean. 'Save' Khaki was tongue-in-cheek- we wanted to save the guys walking around with 'mom khakis on.  -UO July Catalog
Make sure you stop in and buy a couple of things the next time you're in the big city.

Save Khaki's Facebook page.


  1. Nice imagery! Cool looking "I want to be on Horseshoe bay beach this afternoon!" clothing.

  2. Like this...
    Only with a Dark n' Stormy in me hand....

  3. I like how everything's merchandised. I'd get one of those button downs in a larger size and wear it as a dress for a men's inspired just rolled out of bed but I still look pulled together look.