Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Left Back Pocket

I've been thinking about purchasing a handkerchief from Hickorees for some time now but then I decided to be true to myself and go with something that means a lot to me: scouting

After a quick trip to the Scouting store and tons of memories later, I walked out with a Wolf Neckerchief that I proudly remember wearing around my neck in my youth.

If you don't have a Scouting store near you, feel free to purchase one online at Although the Cub Scouts one is imported, the Leader Neckerchief is made in America. I wanted to wait until Alex is in the scouts and I'm a den leader before I obtain that one.


  1. That neckerchief is awesome! I remember having that... Now I need to figure out if I still have it around...

    1. Paul,
      How right you are. That neckerchief and all scout neckerchiefs are awesome. What a shame that scouts today have abandoned this symbol of scouting and have thrown their neckerchiefs in the trash or use them as handkerchiefs or grease rags.

  2. I did my time as an Asst. Den Leader for Pack 110 in Gladwyne PA...and had a great experience with my son as a result. Hope you have the same with your kids...

  3. However,that wallet still looks like something you made at a Den Meeting.....

  4. That's an awesome idea. The Webelos one would rock for fall.

    I've been wearing my dad's Boy Scout buckle on a navy canvas web belt lately, it's really old because it's made of something called "solid brass" in a faraway land called "Usa."

  5. Cub Scout Have To Wear Penney Loafer From 7Am toPm Monday -Friday

  6. How privileged you were to wear a cub scout neckerchief as a lad. And I salute you for having worn it with pride. I desperately longed to wear a scarf like this. Now I collect and wear scout neckerchiefs with tremendous pride. Please, please do no stuff a beautiful part of the scout uniform into your back pocket and defile it by using it as a handkerchief.

  7. Cub scout neckerchiefs are so awesome. I wish lots of guys would follow your example and sport them in all sorts of ways. They make great neck scarves, bandanas, ascots,sweat bands, pocket handkerchief. I am never without a scout neckerchief.