Friday, June 25, 2010

LL Bean Limited Edition 1912 Selvedge Denim

LL Bean Selvedge Denim

Last week, Laurie dropped a gem of a tweet that  L.L. Bean will be entering the world of Selvedge Denim. Celebrating LL Bean's founding year, only 1912 pairs will be produced. Sizes will range from 30" to 44" with an inseam of 29" to 36"inches. They will be available this coming Monday (June 28)  in stores only for $79 so act fast.

L.L.Bean's 1912 Selvedge Denim
We worked with famed Cone Denim's White Oak Plant™ of Greensboro, North Carolina, to produce L.L.Bean's Selvedge Denim on vintage shuttle looms dating from the early 1900's. To honor our heritage -- and vintage production methods -- we've created a limited quantity of only 1,912 pairs of L.L.Bean selvedge jeans. These jeans are five pocket, button-fly and will shrink to fit over time.


  1. I like what I'm seeing here... I've got a few pairs of selvedge jeans, and am turning into a convert.

  2. i have yet to purchase a pair of selvedge jeans so I think I'll start with these before moving on to APC, 3sixteen, or Imogene + Willie.

  3. Just saw these will be only $79 (great price) but only available in store. Good news for those of you who live around one.

  4. good for them to tap into this selvage program but they should have been committed to using their own product for their visual images. that shot of the 5 images- the bottom left is a shot of our Tellason jean taken by mike anderson from Tanner Goods (who makes our leather patches and beautiful belts, wallets, etc... from portland, OR.
    if they dig it so much, they should have asked us...

  5. I love this trend, I will really going to find one this season. I desire cropped t-shirts and denim jeans; very relaxed and eye-catching. Street wear and glam grunge is so amazing now.
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