Thursday, December 16, 2010

LL Bean Stablicers Lite

If you're like me and wear your Bean Boots on a daily basis, then you will notice that the traction that was suppose to protect you from the elements eventually fades away over time. This is where their Stablicers Lites comes in handy.

Get the traction of studded snow tires when you add our Stabilicers to your winter footwear. Multidirectional, nonreplaceable metal studs provide outstanding traction on snow and ice. Heel and forefoot cleats maintain traction throughout your natural stride. Great for winter walks, this lighter and closer-fitting version of the original is best for shoes and sneakers. SuperStretch attachment system provides a secure fit in seconds. 13 oz. Made in Maine.
Men's sizes: S 4-7, M 7½-10, L 10½-13, XL 13½-16.
Women's sizes: S 5-8, M 8½-12.

Editor's Note: Great find by Give Me Indiana


  1. AAH! I love these so much. I just bought my darling husband a pair of new Bean Boots for Christmas, along with a set of Stabilicers. Actually, my 2-year old daughter is getting her first pair of Bean Boots from Santa this year, as well.

    I just came across your blog last night (as I was sick in bed with a cold - rats). I must say, I absolutely LOVE IT! Thank you so much for writing it. I try to infuse the Yankee/Northeast syle and mentality into my life here on my Upstate New York farm as much as possible. Your blog is a great inspiration! Happily following you now :-)


  2. They look great (Especially in orange) I feel they will not work for me here in the PNW.
    We get not much in snow at the lower altitudes, and I may skate farther with these on, on wet smooth concrete, or store linoleum, than without (And trust me , I skate a lot in my hunting boots now, and always have (alas).