Friday, December 3, 2010

Date Night w/ N'East Style: Home Alone

Date Night w/ N'East Style presents: Home Alone

Kevin McCalliser: Part 1
Merv: Part 2

L.L. Bean Fisherman’s Sweater,
L.L. Bean Allagash Lined Cargo Pants,
Sebago Beacon Boot,
Red Ryder


  1. Random haters with two blogs and no posts gonna hate...

    Moving on... Marv's style is actually really fresh, I guess it took growing up a bit to see that.

  2. Hahaha i love David's comment :D
    And i do agree about Marv's style.

    It's seems that most men from 80's / 90's movies, could still be in fashion right now, which is SO NOT the case for women :
    Seinfeld, Georges costanza = perfect ! Elaine and her mini backpack = no !
    Friends, Joey end Ross = perfect, Phoebe, Monica, Rachel with their long dresses and pants worn SO high = no !...)

    Home Alone is timeless, and filled with perfect quotes.