Friday, July 16, 2010

BeSpeak: Alan Flusser in the Palm of your Hands

This past Wednesday, I had the great fortune of attending a release party for Off The Cuff's iphone application BeSpeak, which is the equivalent of having Alan Flusser's expert opinion on style in your back pocket. If you don't know who Alan Flusser is, rent Wall Street, Scent of a Women, and American Psycho and take a look at Michael Douglas, Al Pacino, and Christian Bale's wardrobes. Yes, Flusser outfitted these iconic characters and now he can do the same for you through this free application.

This wonderful event took place at Alan Flusser's Custom Shop in New York City. Each guest was given an opportunity to test drive the application and received an autographed copy of Flusser's book Style & The Man

James Jean of The Mod Revival

Chris Hogan of Off the Cuff

Joshua and Trav of Street Etiquette, Wes from Take Ivy, Skip & James.


  1. that's a man who knows clothes.I didn't know who he was until you mentioned "American Psycho". So nice that all the stylish bloggers met up.Love all the blogs.

  2. After testing the app out, I was a little disappointed...

    Though it's definitely got flusser's attention to skin and hair color, the app's ability to build an ensemble and match it is limited. I look forward to future updates, however.