Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inspiration: Converse Sneakers

As I said before, inspiration can come from anywhere. From blogs and magazines to strangers and acquaintances, I'm always on the look out for people or places that inspire me to put my own personal spin on common attire.

Today's inspiration comes from An Affordable Wardrobe and Secret Forts* who both take a cool approach to the understated Converses. Be inspired and be creative!

An Affordable Wardrobe

*Update from Secret FortsThose Jack Purcells are 15 years old and covered in as many years worth of paint.


  1. chucks are chucks and jacks are jacks, jacks are not chucks and chucks are not jacks.

  2. @David M.
    lol. I know, I know. I did the update but I didn't change the title. Thanks for reminding me.