Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Look: Nautica Fall 2010

Nautica Fall 2010

Although I still have one of their polo shirts from my past life, I usually don't think of Nautica when I think of style these days. In my eyes, the brand sort of fell by the wayside along with Tommy Hillfiger in the early part of 2000s. However, looking at their Fall 2010 collection, I may have to rethink my strategy of steering clear of their stores. The collection is nothing to get too excited about but it is solid enough to peak the interest of any man who is looking to add some staples to his wardrobe.

Nautica Fall 2010 Preview

Credits: FreshnessMag


  1. Wow - Nautica's looking pretty decent. Good call!

  2. It's great to see you feature Nautica, I think they have been doing a *much* better job of late.

    Sending you a smile,

  3. I was about to defend TH and then realised everything I own from TH is from about 2001!

  4. Love the styling in the first 2 looks. And I'll take the model in the 2nd photo. :)

  5. I have some TH shirts from last year. Decent style and quality. I've taken a look at Nautica and their style, like TH, is getting better, but they still need to work on the fit. Not everything needs to be slim (I actually like to exhale once in a while), but the shirts still look like a tent.

    And is it "fall by the waist side" or wayside? All these years I thought it was wayside. Have I been wrong?!

  6. @unitedstyle:
    I think you're right.