Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Secret Fort

Fort Brooks

While checking twitter this morning, I came across Bethdunn2's tweet (from Social Climbers) about helping her children with homework and fort building. This quickly reminded me of the fort I built for Alex last week. Click on the picture to see more pics.

Although the contest is over, We Love You So had a fort building contest to celebrate the opening of Where The Wild Things Are. Click here to look at some great entries and maybe it will inspire the Wild Thing in you to build a fort.


  1. Excellent architecture, Sir! My crew and I constructed a similar one last weekend. Good times!

  2. Just think in a few months you guys will be able to make snow forts outside, and suprise mommy with snowballs. Ok maybe the second part might have you on the couch, but than you could build your own fort!

  3. Oh, I am so in love with the pictures of your little one, when he is older I'm divorcing the Spousal Unit in hopes of marrying him -- he is so darn cute! (Hee-hee.)

    And you do have a lovely fort, very stylish indeed!

  4. What a wonderful activity for you and your precious little one!

  5. How cool is that! I love that your fort has like, preppy blankets. OK next fort I'm photographing just for you!!!!! xoxo


  6. Forts were magical to me when I was a kid...just magical....