Tuesday, November 10, 2009

LL Bean Rubber Mocs

Alex Grant trying on my duck mocs

I tried to hold out as long as possible on posting about LL Bean's Rubber Mocs, but the picture in my last post struck a cord with some of you so here we go.

Nine years ago, these boots were the first item I've ever purchased from LL Bean and I have been totally devoted to the company ever since. I was a college student and in desperate need of some boots. After looking online for a little bit, I decided to consult the TOPH (that I acquired the year before) and came across the moc boots in the shoe section.
From The Official Preppy Handbook

I questioned the low cut of the shoe but I quickly realized that they would be a good investment since they could be worn year around. And I was not disappointed because I basically wear them every other day (not an exaggeration) of the year. However, I never wore them without socks (suggest by A Trip Down South).

Experiment: How to get the tongue on the Rubber Mocs to stay down (see picture below)?
From The Official Preppy Handbook
One reader (Nicholas) commented last night that he always have trouble keeping the tongue folded down on his mocs. As any leather goods, like a fine baseball glove, leather has to be trained. So as a experiment, I going to start with some rubber bands around the tongue and the sole to keep it down at night. I'll keep updates on the progress.

*Update: Special thank you to ADG of Maxminimus for schooling us on how to fold the tongue in the comments. I'm looking forward to reading his old post that compares the old rubber mocs to the new ones. I will post the link when it becomes available.
**Update: Happy to report that Nicholas tried my rubber band method and it worked! He ran it under hot water for a minute or two and let it sit overnight. 11/11/09


  1. I could be mistaken, but ADG (from Maximinimus) once had a post about his Bean Mocs. I made a comment about them and his reply mentioned something about the older pairs having a piece of leather than came down over front, which could explain why the pictures in OPH look the way they do and why you can't really replicate that look nowadays. Unfortunately, that particular post on his blog was deleted when he cleaned house a couple of weeks ago, but you could maybe ask him about it.

  2. I think Trip is on the money Skip. couldn't resist a bit of rhyme, I seem to remeber my old bean mocs having a tounge that flipped over.

  3. You guys could be on to something. I'll shoot ADG an email.

  4. Ok boys...here's how you do it...and Skip, I'll repost the article where my old ones are compared to my new ones from last Christmas. The old ones are folded down.

    Step One: Fold the tounge over to the point where you would like it to stay.

    Step Two: Make two marks with a ballpoint pen where you would like the leather laces to emerge from the folded tounge.

    Step Three: Take an ice pick and make two holes in the ballpoint pen marks.

    Step Four: Run the leather laces through and tie 'em!

    Step Five: Send me five bucks.

    Damn....all this tounge talk has me hankering for a tounge and swiss on rye with some spicy mustard. Carnegie Deli?


  5. Thanks ADG!

    Looking forward to reading your repost!

  6. I tried the rubber band method and am happy to report success. I folded the tab over, attached a rubberband, and then ran the shoes under hot water for a minute or two. I let the shoes dry overnight and after taking off the rubberbands the tongues stayed in position. I checked on them again this afternoon after class and they're still in position.

  7. If my son had not been home with the swine flu my plan for the day was LL bean-duck shoe and binoculars for husband. Love your post! xoxo


  8. @Nicholas:
    Coolness! Good idea with running them under water1

    @Beth Dunn:
    Thanks and hope your son feel better soon! Congrats again!

  9. Hi Ive owned a pair of ll bean rubber mocisisn since 1992 , i love them.. But the new ones are a disappointment .. but yeah the tounge has a trick to lacing it .. that in my opinion gives the shoes a unique look ..

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