Thursday, March 15, 2012

Found: Affordable "Hiking" Boots

Found: Affordable "Hiking" Boots from Native. I put hiking in quotation marks because I wouldn't recommended actually wearing these boots on your next hiking trip but if you're looking for a pair of comfortable boots with a hiking aesthetic at a fraction of the price then look no further.

The boots come with brown laces but I switched them for a pair of red ones.

Light, comfortable and washable

Native Fitzsimmons $80

Editor's Note:
The boots only comes in full sizes. Size down if you are in between sizes.


  1. Eh... I'll pass. Speed laces down to the tip of my toes is a little odd. Where are the jeans from?

  2. The jeans are Gap selvedge. I had them since last Aug.

  3. those look so stupid. there is nothing worse than a cheap knock-off of the real thing. just buy a real pair of hikers. whatever the monetary savings is on these will be washed away when they fall apart in short order. even a decent pair of authentic hikers will last a decade or longer - especially when just walking around on urban sidewalks.

  4. Interesting post, but with all due respect, Skip, these look like cheap, plastic boots as conceived by Crocs that might look cute on an 8 year old... However, I saw some Native duck boots this winter that looked pretty cool, but they were made in China- a no go for me. I suppose they're meant to be disposable after a season's wear, though I don't remember them being that cheap, compared to real Bean Boots.

  5. These are fun, c'mon people, c'mon...