Sunday, March 11, 2012

Every Man Should Own: Wax Wane

Vintage Watch

One of the fondest memories of my latter teenage years was on the cusp of my high school graduation when my dad passed one of his watches down to me.  The watch was decades old and had been with my father for much of his adult life.

By giving it to me he was showing that he believed I was responsible enough to care for something that was not only valuable but also that meant a lot to him.  During a time marked by change the watch represented a way for my father to show that he thought I was ready for the next step without having to speak a word. The watch itself was clean and handsome, a beautiful time piece that I have proudly worn everyday since he gave it to me as an ever-present reminder of what truly matters in life. I'll wear the watch for decades to come and hopefully, when I'm at a loss for words the watch will mean the same thing to my kid that it meant to me. I believe every man should have a memento and an experience like this, a watch worth passing down to your children.

written by Jake of Wax Wane

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  1. I love the idea of this, the tradition. But in my family, the only heirloom that will be passed down that I know of is a gold pendant of our family crest (in Japanese, kamon) that my dad wears, which is said to be going to my younger brother. I'd like to have a tradition like the passing of a watch for my future family, but buying one with the intention of passing it along seems so contrived.

  2. My father gave me a Heuer when I entered the army and I inherited the watch of my gradfather, both are very special to me.
    the heuer:
    the certina:
    bye alex

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