Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Archives || The Classic Style of Charlie Bucket

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

With a classic navy jacket and canvas messenger bag to an orange sweater and striped sleepwear, Charlie Bucket may not of had much but one thing he did have was style.

The orange sweater combinded with his canvas bag and canvas shoes (not seen) makes Charlie's ensemble look effortless.

J.Press Shaggy Dog Sweater

Classic Blue Turtleneck: Valet has some suggestions on how to pull it off.

And taking a que from his Grandpa Joe:

Striped Sleepwear: Brooks Brothers and other options.


  1. Wow!! This post blew me away!!! I have seen the movie so many times, Im fixated on the candy, not the clothes. You tweeted me the other day saying you had some ideas coming up. This was a great one my friend!
    @norcalsportsguy on twitter

  2. Wowww stylish kid.. I am sure he got talent..... ladies leather jackets