Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Making The Case: Clear Frames

Although crystal frames shouldn't be your first choice for glasses, there is a strong case for making them apart of your rotation.

When buying your first suit, it is highly recommend to start with the basic gray or navy.  And when you're ready to expand your wardrobe, the next purchase should be a pinstripe suit. Clear frames should be your pinstripe suit. Start with the basic black or tortoise shell frames and when you're ready to expand, consider these clear ones by Warby Parker X Steven Alan. Need some evidence: Take a look at two of my favorite creative and stylish role models sporting clear frames.

Case closed.

Editor's Note: Warby Parker has a great return policy so if you're not satisfied, feel free to return them after 30 days.


  1. Looking great in the clear frames, Skip.

    Wearing clear frames take a certain panache to pull off and I wouldn't liken them to a pinstripe suit (which is usually reserved for business). Rather, I think they are analogous to something a bit more flashy, like a glenplaid.

    What is the difference between the Steven Alan colab and the clear Miles?

  2. Hey Tommy,

    The clear Miles is more of a frosted color. If you want "clear" then Steven Alan is the way to go.

  3. In Anderson's case, it's more a question of finding frames that fit your face than which color the frames are. 10 lb. puppy, meet 5 lb. sack.

  4. Also consider Shuron, they've been making clear frames right here in the USA since forever.

  5. I've actually just ordered exact same pair in same color. Do you have any photos of you wearing them that are more front facing?