Monday, February 6, 2012

Every Man Should Own: Alex Grant

LL Bean Boot

Whether leather or waxed canvas, 10 inches or mocs, every man should own a pair of LL Bean Boots and for the right reasons. Not because it's the hip thing to do at the moment but because the boots are actually comfortable, durable and just plain ol' gets the job done. And as my father once told me in high school when I showed him a picture of a luggage brand that started making watches, "Why would you buy a watch from a company that doesn't make watches?" I will turn around and ask you the same question about your boots.

Editor's Note: I decided to kick off Every Man Should Own with my own post to give you a flavor for what's in store. In the upcoming weeks, you will see contributions from Bloggers, Designers, and much much more.


  1. Co sign. Maine hunting shoes on right now.

  2. Nice! I posted about this a few months ago as part of my (neglected) wardrobe staples series (for ladies). I think LL Bean Boots are just universally great. They're timeless, utilitarian, and all-purpose. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you post about as part of the Every Man Should Own series!

  3. Very true. I have been trying to get a pair since last year. I feel like this might be the time to purchase a pair.

  4. Wholly agree.

    Purchased a pair last winter, and they've proved to be a great investment.

  5. Right on. Really looking forward to this series...

  6. Heh heh. I bought a pair. : D

    Green beautiful waxed canvas on the way...