Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Handlebar Magazine Interviews Matt Singer

Yang-Yi Goh, editor of the new online magazine Handlebar, sent me this great interview they did with one of my favorite brand/designer's Matt Singer. Here are a few excerpts.

“The great luxury I had was working for an incredibly creative boss like Andy Spade,” Singer says. “He was willing to question every sort of traditional accepted path. When people would say, ‘You have to put products in your window displays,’ or ‘You have to do X and Y,’ we’d go in a completely different direction. Having a really creative leader like that, who had a vision and allowed you to explore, allowed me to learn a lot and not be afraid to make some errors. It was the greatest opportunity I ever had to go, ‘What do you think about this idea?’ and almost always hear, ‘I think it’s fantastic, go ahead and do it.’”

“I don’t respond to details for details sake,” Singer says. “I don’t want to do a contrast stitch on a button hole because it would just seem contrived to me. I kind of want those style components to be a bit quieter – maybe only the owner knows about that blind embossing on the inside of the belt. With a shirt, I’ll focus on the placket and the pocket shape and a hand-turned collar.”

“I try to celebrate the craft and the tradition of how things are made and share as much as I can about what materials and manufacturing I use,” he says. “You have to do things in a way that resonates with you. And I think that if you do that and you’re honest in your conviction, people will see that and respond to your work.”

Editor's Note: Click here to read the entire article

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