Saturday, February 5, 2011

Head to Toe: Basic Sailing Instruction Kit

Sailing Kit

Head to Toe: Today was my first day of Basic Sailing Instruction with the Sailing Club. Book learing in the winter; water training in the spring. Super excited.

LL Bean Norwegian
Abercrombie Shirt (from College)
LL Bean Selvedge
LL Bean Signature Boat Shoes
Kiel James Patrick Knot Bracket.

Editor's Note: Credit goes to my wife who thought I should share what I wore today.


  1. Skip: Like the short and sweater combo. I too have a few A&F hold overs from my college days. Is the navy in the sweater with the dark blue in the jeans too much? I always worry about that for some reason.

    What do you think of the LL Bean jeans?

  2. I was going to ask the same (last) question there, above. How's the fit & feel?

  3. @Ben
    I see what you're saing about navy and dark blue
    but don't over think it. Just have fun.

    The fit is comparable to 501s. The jeans are not raw so it's not a stiff as other selvedge jeans.

  4. The bracelet should be buried at sea asap.

  5. :) you would have looked liked you were out of an ll bean catalogue. congratulations.