Monday, October 31, 2011

What Does Your Wallet Say About You?

My Wallet Evolution

As my wardrobe and shoe collection matured over the years so did my wallet. More than just a piece of leather to keep my license and money safe in my back pocket, (consciously or unconsciously) my wallet speaks volumes about who I am and what I wanted to convey to the world. As I recall my thought process behind buying these wallets, I invite you to think about your own personal journey told through your purchases over the years.

I. Preppy. Quirky.

J.Crew Flip Wallet

I believe I got this wallet during my senior year of prep school. Back then, everything had to be J.Crew or a little bit quirky. This was actually their take on the magic wallet. You put your bill in one way, open it up on the other side, and like magic: your money or cards would be nicely secured within the straps. This was my wallet of choice all through college.

II. Minimalist

Following college, I really wanted to start anew in every sense of the word and one way of doing that was shedding all the excess in my life. I joined a gym, got an apple computer, and picked up this money clip from Tiffany's inscribed with my initials on it. I was a minimalist in every sense of the word and the money clip was just an extenstion of that. My motto: Carry only what you need to survive

III. A Man For All Seasons

I already had three Jack Spade bags by the time I got this wallet, so I was already well versed on all things Andy Spade. But what drew me to this particular one was the wool-like material on the outside. This 8 card holders showed that I was indeed growing up but the wool material on the outside displayed my love of playing with traditions.

IV. On The Go

When I first saw this wallet, it reminded me of an sleek Italian sports car and I loved the fact that it had an ID pocket on the outside for quick and easy access. I didn't feel right carrying around a wool wallet during the summer so I got this one for the summer months but it quickly became my wallet of choice all through the year.

V. Nostalgic

As some has pointed about before, this wallet reminds them of something they made in
Boy Scouts and I totally agree with them. In fact, the beauty of this wallet lies in its nostogic construction.  The top knotch quality leather that grows with me while simultaneously reminding me of my youth is the perfect reflection of where I am today.


  1. nothing minimalist about a $170.00 dollar money clip. DUDE

  2. Seems like you're more into labels then wallet construction, that's what your wallet says about you. I don't mean this in a bad way. I just find it interesting that every wallet is a different construction. Most people are trifold guys or passcase guys or front pocket wallet......

  3. I love that you have your old wallets. I don't even remember what my last one looked like! I really love the BillyKirk one. Hope you're well! -Mel

  4. I used to buy fancy wallets and spend a lot of time looking for the right one. These days it's simply a utility clip that holds what matters, my cards, My Id and my money. I think I have progressed.

  5. For the past 3 years I've relied on a very nice/economical wallet I bought on my honeymoon, here: I just bought a Jack Spade wallet because they're classic AND tough, the above comments be damned.

    The BillyKirk looks swell.

  6. I knew that Jack Spade leather wallet reminded me of something...

    Back in the 80s, my dad used to have a Mazda (I forget the model). Anyhow, the shifter handle was pocked leather just like that. Really nice touch.

  7. Skip, a nice jaunt down memory lane. I have not regularly carried a wallet in 20 years. When I do it is only because I need to keep track of a few cards. Even then, it very rarely ends up in my pocket. I carry very little money if any. I only carry an ID when walking at night. When driving, it is somewhere in the car. The one wallet that I do still have, which needs to be replaced is a tri fold with Velcro. 1980s.

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