Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Much Ado About Moccing

Gucci Driving Mocs

I purchased a pair of Gucci Driving Mocs over 8 years ago for $100 in Boston and as you can see, they still look brand new. Why you may ask? Because I never wear them.

I can still remember the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when I spotted these shoes. I thought to myself, "these look exactly like the loafers in The Official Preppy Handbook and they feel really comfortable too."

However, when I started walking down Newbury Street, I was quickly reminded why they are called driving mocs and not loafers. And the bottom of the shoes can tell you why. These soles are clearly designed for things other than walking.

What's the solution? Measure for Measure, driving mocs are made for driving but you can wear them as a loafer if you're extra conscious of the walking surface. Your feet can really take a pounding on Cobblestones but flat surfaces shouldn't be a problem if you break them in. So don't overlook the driving moc as an option for the perfect finishing touch.


And after seeing how Esquire used a driving moc to pull this warm weather ensemble together, I'm going to take my own advice and start the Taming of the Shoe.


  1. Gotta go with the standard Gucci leather soled horsebit loafer. Already been sporting the ones I scored on ebay for casual friday's and weekend jaunts. Love'em. I'm sure you'll put together a look nicely.

  2. You seem to be one of the most grounded bloggers around. Consistently nice to read. Thanks.

  3. @Junctioned
    Yeah, always go with the standard if you can. Enjoy them!

    Thank you ever so much!