Friday, April 9, 2010

Treehouse: The Ultimate Secret Fort

The Wall Street Journal had a great article on a upscale Treehouse the other day and it had me thinking about how I always wanted a treehouse growing up. We currently live in a new development that hardly has any trees, but I would love to move to an older neighborhood with well established trees to make one of my dreams a reality for my children.

Did you have a treehouse? Did you want a treehouse? Have any interesting treehouse stories to tell? Leave a comment.


  1. Sadly, I was never allowed anywhere *near* their secret fort; I remain scarred from being ostracized in such a heartless manner. Sniff.

  2. As a kid we had a treehouse in my back yard...built into an Apple tree...designed by my Dad and built with him and my brothers...2 levels...carpet,windows,trap door. many an afternoon spent enjoying that tree house and great memories of time with my Dad hammering it together. Hope you can have the same with your kids.

  3. I never had a treehouse, but I loved going up in my friend's. She had what I thought was a mansion with a large backyard complete with a treehouse. I was envious! :)

  4. We never had a tree house but my brother and I took over an abandoned camper left in the woods one summer... Man I always wanted that tree house. If my neighborhood had trees I'd build a palace!

  5. We did not have a treehouse. I was a tomboy though, and climbed trees as a kid. A friend of mine has built an unbelieveable treehouse!!

    Art by Karena

    I have a fascinating interview with artist Robert Anders up on my site.

  6. @Karena
    Thanks for stopping by. I'll definitely check out the interview. Take care.

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