Thursday, April 21, 2011

Close Up and Private: Etiquette For The Modern Classicist

Slim cut suits with short legged trousers go a long way.

A few days ago, Sergei from Close Up and Private sent me an email about his new project titled Etiquette For The Modern Classicist. Take a look at the final product with illustrations.

Buy a pair of wingtips and loafers.

The Beatles sir, listen to them – and do so regularly. 

Owning at least 3 oxford shirts has never done a man any harm.

Be a gentleman towards women.

Own several ties – n.b. Four-in-hand knots only – mix things up with a bow tie.

Watch all movies by Andrei Tarkovsky. Re-watch them.

Always consider a well-fitting navy blazer with gold buttons.

Serge Gainsbourg looked smart in a trench coat and so do you.

Own a classic cashmere v-neck and a round-neck pull-over. 

Kaki chino trousers are as essential as they are basic.
Choose your pair meticulously.

  Cherish a good relationship with your parents.

Sometimes looking at a nice black and white picture of your grandfather
as a young man wearing his Sunday-suit can learn you more about classic style
                        than reading 20 fashion magazines.

A watch – you do own one do you? - should be flat, vintage, and have a leather band.

Be punctual.

 Ray Ban sunglasses matter.
 Stay current. 

 Trust the classics.