Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Look: Jack Spade Spring 2011

Jack Spade clearly has their eye on the future with the release of their Spring '11 collection. Here's hoping for a quick winter.

Leather Coin Box

Twill Slim Leg Trouser
Chambray Triple Stitch
Luggage Nylon Wing Duffle

Herringbone Field Coat
Grid Printed leather Business Card Holder

Nylon Canvas Bookpack

Plaid Button Down
Gingham Button Down
Ringer T-Shirt
Grain leather Accordion Brief

Stripe Fleece Hoodie
Waxwear Pocket Brief
Twill Double Breasted

Painter's Twill Button Down

Unlined Canvas

Engineer Stripe Button Down

Twill Single Breast

Waxed Pocket Duffle

Check Button Down

Industrial Canvas Dipped Coal Bag

Plaid Work Shirt

Plaid Bill Holder

Bradford Stripe Oxford

Waxwear Computer Field Bag


  1. Great picks. I'm not totally sold on Jack Spade expanding into a full line, but I feel obligated to since I really like what Aaron Levine did at hickey and Rogues Gallery. Perhaps it is because I can't quite make out what Jack Spade's niche is, and in fact it may be that they just haven't been around long enough to develop a unique clear style or vision yet. Thoughts?

  2. Great stuff. Doesn't seem to 'trying too hard'. I especially like the field coat, the gingham shirt, and the waxed duffle.

  3. I'm really liking that plaid wallet and waxed duffle. Damn, as much as I've been looking forward to winter, spring suddenly looks good again.