Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Resolution: Break Out The Horn

 Self Portrait 2003

After looking at the pictures of HDS in the last post, it quickly reminded me of my trumpet playing days in Cambridge. I was so exhausted and burned out after the first year that I decided to take up an instrument and since I always wanted to learn how to play the trumpet, I picked up a cheap one online.
To my surprise, the trumpet is not an instrument that you can just pick up. Fortunately for me, Berklee College of Music was only a T-ride away. And after finding a instructor and 4 lessons, I was ready to start playing on my own. The funny part is that I actually started to get good.

I eventually got a better horn (Bach TR300) but once I entered law school, the trumpet was tossed aside for Property outlines and Civil Procedure note cards.  But since a new year is upon us, I finally think its time break out my horn.

I love the fact that my Bach was made in America.

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  1. I wish I could play an instrument. Everyone I know who plays seem so relaxed after they get done jaming. It would also be a great thing to pass on to Alex.