Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snyder NY - Introducing Todd Snyder's new blog

Along with writing copy for Todd Snyder, my main contribution is serving as the editor for his new blog, Snyder NY, which launched today.  Check out Valet Magazine's interview with Todd and myself about the purpose and importance of social media in the fashion industry. 


  1. Snyder's "blog" does not seem to be accepting comments.

    The tease for his Champion collaboration is interesting.

    I imagine most readers realize that the original, true Champion company has been defunct for some time now and that the name was sold.

    I will be interested to see how authentic the attention to vintage detail is. The raglan sleeves and v sweat panels on the sweatshirt fronts are a good start. I couldn't tell if there were side panels. Is there a semi-circular yolk with a locker loop on the back?

    I didn't see any sweatpants. Whether Snyder is true to the crotch panels of the originals will speak volumes about authenticity.

    It will also be interesting to see whether there is a loopwheeler type of finish or whether it's cut pile crap as the interior finish. Surely to God, for any credibility at all, they're all cotton.

    I've never heard of Snyder before, which I admit means nothing, but unless he's pretty old, I rather doubt he wore the originals when he was in school. It does give the whole thing a kind of J. Peterman line of interest to the story though.

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