Sunday, September 9, 2012

Close Up and Private A/W '12

Sergei Sviatchenko of Close Up and Private had a very busy and productive few months. Along with a few exhibitions, Sergei also has a book on the way that's sure to be a favorite in the preppy/trad corners of the world. Here's an exclusive look at his A/W '12 presentation for Close Up and Private for some style inspiration this fall. 


  1. I absolutely love these presentations. So unique and refreshing.

  2. These pictures make me want to wear my twill jackets now! Much too warm for it though here in California right now.

  3. I like the unusual presentation of UC&P, focusing on the important elements while maintaining a minimalist theme. While I'll admit the content is not overwhelmingly original, it certainly outlines what I'll be reaching for this Fall/Winter.

  4. Thank you for sharing Close Up And Private work we trully love at initials AO. Yet, we think you forgot to highlight one masterpiece they like: CARDIGANS!

    CUAP are definitely the cardigans' masters. And though I don't necesseraliy praise cardigans for myself, I think it is an essential piece to have in a elegant wardrobe, especially Kitsuné's.

    Watch out here how they wore a cardigan in their automn-winter 2012 photoshoot:

    Patrick, from initials AO