Thursday, June 7, 2012

Army Issued "Dad Bag"

The Dad Bag

Ruggedness, reliability and resilience are not only qualities that a Dad should possess but his bag as well. Now you could drop a pretty penny on a designer "Dad Bag" complete with a matching changing pad and a little piece of your manhood or you could head down to your local Army/Navy store and pick up a surplus bag.  I love taking items that have been tested and re-appropriating them into a different context and this is exactly what you can do in a store like this.

I found this U.S. Army issued Flyer's Helmet Bag for $15. The waterproof materials along with the two interior and exterior pockets makes this bag the ideal candidate for a perfect dad bag.  And when your little one no longer requires a traveling convoy on every excursion out the house, the Helmet Bag can be used as a laptop carry or a camera bag.

 If you don't have an Army/Navy store near by, you can buy a new one at Flight Helmet for $24.


  1. This is really funny, as I have been on an Army/Navy kick lately after discovering one had been right in my hood the last 2 years and I never noticed. And, I actually bought a vintage helmet bag, similar to this one, for 27 bucks, and love it. Perfect, more masculine version of a tote, tons of room, very well made. I posted it in one of my tumblr posts earlier this week:

    I was going to do a write-up on Army/Navy hidden gems too at some point. Just wanted to get the hidden gems myself before I share!

    Anyways, nice post.

  2. Hey Skip,

    I am going to have to keep this bag in mind when I have a couple of rug-rats running around.

  3. Skip, Great option, I only wish I had known about it in my 'dad bag' search before I went ahead with the $300 Jack Spade option...I even like the look of the Surplus bag better. As always, nice find!

  4. Another thing to consider is that the vast majority of the issued gear is made in the USA. The rest is from other countries in NATO. All the construction is quite good!

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