Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hands On || Wm. J. Mills F/W '12

Wm. J. Mills F/W '12

For the past few months, I've been carrying around a few items from Wm. J. Mills F/W '12 collection
and have been very impressed with their craftsmanship and durability.  Using the waxed cotton "Boston Bag" for my camera/tripod equipment and even taking the "Sag Harbor Duffel" on my first camping, I put these bags through the paces and got many compliments along the way.  I guess it is true that not all canvas bags are created equal.

Sag Harbor Duffel

Jitney Cargo Bag

Boston Bag


  1. Those are awesome bags, they last *forever*. Sending you a smile Skip!

  2. what's the color combination of the Sag Harbor Duffel above?

  3. I like the look of that duffle--does it have any interior pockets? Couldn't tell from the website.

  4. @The Preppy Princess
    Thanks :)

    Fabric color is Navy with Tan Trim

    @David J
    No interior pocket in the Sag Harbor duffle

  5. duffle looks DOPE. did you specify brassware for the duffle? also, i can't find a tan trim option for the duffle.