Monday, April 9, 2012

Archives || Auditioning James Bond

Bond hopefully Robert Campbell

When Sean Connery left the James Bond series after 5 movies (he later returned for Diamonds are Forever) the search for a new Bond was on. In 1967, Life sent photographer Loomis Dean to shoot the final auditions for On Her Majesty's Secret Service but it was never published in the magazine.

John Richardson

Anthony Rogers

Robert Campbell

Hands de Vries

Winner- George Lazenby

One thing that's interesting is how George Lazenby looks the most comfortable in the iconic role. He just seems more relaxed and at ease than the other actors. Lazenby is smiling and joking in almost every picture. No wonder he got the part. When asked about the auditioning experience in Entertainment Tonight in 1992, Lazenby replied, "I was so naïve, so green. I was a country boy from Australia basically, who walked into a Bond role." Take notes.


  1. James Bond movies are by far my all time favorites. Each adventure featured action scenes from way beyond their moment in time. And for the record, Roger Moore was my favorite.

    Take care, Skip!

  2. I believe Sean Connery returned for "Never Say Never Again"

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