Sunday, February 26, 2012

Every Man Should Own: Red Clay Soul

Penny Loafers

Every man should have a pair of penny loafers in their closet.  They are shoes that go with everything, and never go out of style. 

From the iconic Bass Weejuns to the Alden 986s, there is a large spectrum that can meet every man’s price point.  From a style perspective – don’t get too fancy here.  Penny loafers aren’t ‘trendy’ or ‘fashion forward’.  They are classic, and always will be.  They go with everything – from shorts in the summer to a flannel suit in the winter.  Give them a good polish twice a year and brush them frequently, and they will treat you right.  My 986s have had a long ride, and have had been in for a tune up.  With apologies to Mr. Frost – I’m looking forward to many more miles before they sleep.

written by Jay of Red Clay Soul
Editor's Note: Wondering if you should drop a penny into your loafers? So was I a few years ago.


  1. had a pair of black weejuns that I put silver nickels in the slots... still with i had'em... the shoes, that is...

  2. Have wearing weejun's since I was in junior high school! that's got to be over 40 years.