Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Baseball Jacket

If you follow me on twitter, then you are well aware that I like to unwind at the end of the day with Family Ties. I know Alex P. Keaton was the break out star of the show, but I would like to direct your attention to the classic style of his father: Steven Keaton. 30 years later and his wardrobe still holds up.

Starting with the Baseball Jacket above: both ASOS and Gant carry great versions of this classic spring staple.

One can never go wrong on a dinner date with a blue blazer and a repp tie. Brooks Brothers and J.Press are the gold standard with blazers and a great tie from The Windmill Club complete the look.

Corduroy Blazer: Try Bonobos, Lands End Canvas, or LL Bean Signature

Fisherman Sweater:  LL Bean.

Parka: Valet just did a roundup of the best on the market.  

Plaid Shirt: Gap and Epaulet has some good choices. 

And although his son didn't inherent his political views, APK did pick up his father's sense of style.

Two Tone Down Jacket: Penfield

Elbow Patches:  Rugby's Herringbone.

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