Thursday, July 21, 2011

New J.Crew X Timex Watch

Looks like J.Crew teamed up with Timex again and developed this great timepiece: The Andros Watch.


Continuing our collaboration with Timex, one of our favorite all-American brands, we've created a dive-style watch that`s timeless and genuinely true to its roots (it was inspired by one of the most breathtaking and extraordinary barrier reefs in the world, Andros). Featuring quartz analog movement with a functioning bezel, it's the perfect, no-fuss nautical companion that's just as dependable on land as it is exploring the seas (it's water resistant up to 330 feet). A lasting blend of functional design and modern crafting, it's the kind of watch that'll last a lifetime—and you won't find it anywhere else. Stainless steel case. Nylon strap. Quartz analog movement. Date display. 100M water resistant. Battery powered.

Editor's Note: You can't search for the watch on the site yet but you can order it through this direct link. Plus Free shipping with the code "Hotdays"


  1. It's very handsome and I like that it's made in the US but $175 is still very steep for a quartz.

  2. i dont know squat about watches... but the other vintagey timex was 150 anyway... liking this.

  3. Definitely interesting. Definitely not worth $175.

  4. where is the $85 version that Hodinkee posted 3 months ago?

  5. definitely not worth it, I got an automatic submariner type Timex all blacked out for $20 with free shipping on ebay.

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  7. But it states that it is imported. Timex is a US corp, but I think none of their watches are manufactured here anymore (alas).
    "Date display. Battery powered. Import. Timex is a registered trademark of Timex Group USA, Inc.
    Thank you for the post (I mean no disrespect).

  8. Beware of buying a watch on They sell grey goods, the watchmakers warranty is void and the watchmaker can not assure you when buying from them that the watch is new or genuine. The website while pretending to be owbn by, Inc is actually owned by Tranik Enterprises, Inc. In 2005 They specifically filed to change their legal name from, Inc to Tranik Enterprises, Inc.

    Here is a question you need to ask yourself: What valid reason could a business have for changing their legal name to something entirely different and then continue to use their old business name, and not list their legal name anywhere on the website, documents, or anywhere, anyone can find it.

    Before buying checkout and read the complaints on the better business bureau:

    Read about the guy who thought he was buying a new Rolex watch but it came missing all stickers and AW refused to take it back.

    Here is AW’s response “Client claims to have received timepiece in a condition other than what was advertised. At no point in time was the timepiece advertised as "new" nor "brand new". At no point in time was the timepiece advertised to come with factory stickers.”

    There are many more horror stories on the BBB and other site. Just spend a few minutes searching before you buy. Buyer beware!

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