Monday, March 8, 2010

GANT Rugger City Bike

Gant Rugger City Bike

Thanks to Gant's Iphone application, I spotted this Bike that will be produced with the launch of the Spring/summer 2010 Rugger line.

GANT has exclusively designed and produced a city bike for launch with the Spring/Summer 2010 GANT Rugger line. It's a single speed, featuring hand stitched leather handlebars, a Brooks leather saddle and tool bag. The hand-welded lugs and eight layers of semi-matte black coating is a flirt with old Lincoln Town Cars, JFK-ish and very stylish. Each bike is individually numbered and has a unique enamel head badge GANT Rugger Spring 2010 was based on the idea of this NYC hipster escaping town with his friends. since there's no one in NYC worthy of the title hipster unless he's got a cool ride, it was kind of a natural thing that he should have a smashing bike to go with his outfit. It is the ultimate accessory; it looks like a million dollars and will take you home after a night out. What handbag will do that? It's a worldwide launch with a limited number of bikes available in each GANT country from February 2010.



  1. With bikes, when the looks kill, the performance is lackluster (don't know why this is, ask the designers). Looks like the acceleration leaves much to be desired (from looking at the gear ratio), the top speed should be up there.

  2. Look like a copy of the Retrovelo, worse thing is the handlebar isn't really designed to be upside down, why not flip them round and lower the stem? less flex that way.

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