Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yeezy II Inspired Nike Roshe Run

Yeezy 2 Nike Roshe Run

Since I'm currently in the market for a casual running shoe and wanting to go against the grain (a little by not opting for Fly Knits), I decided to customize a pair of Nike Roshe Runs inspired by Kanye West's Nike Yeezy II. I ordered them on 5/22 and they arrived today 6/20.  I've been a minimalist runner for a while now so I've grown accustomed to wearing Nike Frees and I must say that these are just as comfortable. 

Using a mostly Black palate with the Fusion Red liner and pull tab, the finish product is spot on with the original. And although the Roshes do not glow in the dark, the arctic green soles is as close as it gets.

On feet.


  1. Awesome shoe !
    Looks great. Can’t wait to get a pair. I've been looking for grey shoes and can’t find anywhere, so will anyone know where I could get the grey shoes .

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  2. They look so good. I didn't realise they had the green sole until you mentioned and saw the second photo. I was messing around with the ID on the Roshe, tempted very much. Nice to be inspired by another trainer too

  3. Man, I love these. I've been hesitant to customize some Nikes but this is pretty tempting

  4. I love this style, I will definitely going to look for one this season, incredibly comfortable and eye-catching.
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