Monday, February 25, 2013

Archives: The Vitals Guide to Buying a Rolex

Vitals Magazine 2005

Whenever I find myself in the market for a classic item (watches, trench coats, shoes, etc.), I usually pull out one of my old Vitals Magazines for guidance. The now defunct magazine was truly something special when it comes to buying guides and their Rolex feature was no exception. So if you are thinking about buying a Rolex now or sometime in the future, be sure to study this guide in order to make an informed decision.


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  2. That's a cool find; it's almost like "Choose your Own Adventure" with ambiguous outcomes. Do you want to be a "(social) climber", or a "sporty dad?" Neither's exactly what the Rolex admen had in mind for product positioning, even if a lot more accurate than the brochures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have had a couple of different Rolex's in my time they are definitely great watches gotta be amonst the best watches in the world, your guide gives you some great insight into buying a Rolex great post.

  4. Thanks for the article/s. Fun and informative read. Thanks for the insight again.

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