Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dress Like a Literary Great: William Faulkner

This fall I plan on drawing style inspiration from my favorite literary writers. Not in a full-on-costume type of way that you see on Tweed Runs but in the form of tweed jackets, rep ties, and white pocket squares. The first author in this series is William Faulkner, who dressed like your favorite English professor who just happened to write all your favorite books.

Tweed Jacket

 Every man should already own a tweed jacket, but if you are in the market for one this fall, look for this logo inside the jacket for the read deal. Although you can buy a Tweed Jacket at J.Crew or directly through Harris Tweed, I suggest looking for one at your local thrift store. And if you happen to come across a full tweed suit at a great price, I personally would break it up and wear it as separates.  



  1. That last shot always makes me smile. Thanks for the inspiration, Skip.

  2. You left out two photos of Faulkner I live. The first he appears to be wearing an optimo hat.
    The second he is entering his barn in a "work" tweed jacket.

  3. Very inspirational. He's so suave. Thanks for sharing...Love this blog! xx

  4. Great choice Skip. I've become more and more influenced by Artists & Writers style than ever before. Can't wait to see who else you've drawn inspiration from. Cheers.

  5. Recommended reading...

    Faulkner's "Turnabout" which is a short story published in the Saturday Evening Post, March 5, 1932.